Hearing Protection
Hearing Protection Devices

Hearing protection devices should be worn in any workplace that exceeds the maximum noise standards as set by OSHA. According to this federal law, any environment in which the noise level exceeds 85 decibels, requires the implementation of proper protection measures. There are many levels of protection depending on the decibel level you require.

Permanent Hearing Damage

Acoustic trauma can occur by one single event and may result in immediate and significant hearing loss. Blasts from a construction site or a blow to the head may be cause for significant and often permanent loss of hearing. In job sites such as those mentioned above, proper hearing protection measures are mandatory.

Each protection device is labeled with a NRR or Noise Reduction Rating. This number should be in plain view on the product you choose. This ranking will help you determine how much of a reduction in noise you can expect. The higher the number, the more protection you are giving your employees.

Using Ear Plugs for Hearing Protection

Ear plugs are a popular form of ear protection. They typically offer an NRR of 22. While this may be sufficient in a working environment where the decibel level is 85, it would not suffice in louder workplaces such as a construction site. If you need assistance choosing the right protective hearing gear, those of us All Safety Products, Inc. would be happy to help. 

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